Corporations; S-Corporations; Limited Liability Companies; Partnerships; Sole Proprietorships; Non-Profit Corporations; Business Transfers; Employment Issues


Consumer Protection

Misrepresentation or Fraud; Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices


Contracts & Leases

Commercial & Residential; Business; Construction; Employment


Criminal Defense

Vacation & Sealing of Criminal Record; Restoration of Civil Rights; Restoration of Right to Own a Firearm; Misdemeanor Offenses



Employment Contracts; Wrongful Discharge; Non-competition Agreements; Separation and Non-compete Agreements; Wage and Hour Compliance; Disability Accommodations; Hiring, Discipline and Termination Process; Compliance with Employment Laws, Employer Investigations


Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law

Estate Planning & Administration; Planning for Disability, Health Care & Other Issues; Last Will and Testament; Codicils; Powers of Attorney; Health Care Directive (Living Will); Community & Separate Property Issues; Asset Preservation; Probate and Non-Probate Transfer; Creditor’s Issues; Probate Avoidance; TEDRA (Trust & Estate Dispute Resolution Act); Domestic Relations Issues; Will Challenge; Tax and Retirement Planning


Family Law

Adoption; Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements; Guardianship; Community & Separate Property Issues


Landlord Tenant

Residential Leases; Commercial Leases; Rental Agreements; Evictions; Unlawful Detainers



Prosecution; Civil


Personal Injury

Auto Accidents; Wrongful Death; Negligence; Insurance Claims; Medical


Real Property

Contracts & Leases; Purchase & Sale Transactions; Deeds; Mortgages and Deeds of Trust; Boundary Disputes; Adverse Possession, Ejectment & Quiet Title; Land use, Zoning, Variances, Special use Permits; Easements; Liens; Timber Sales & Agreements; Trespass & Nuisance; Construction Issues